Possibility of Abundance

Jun 16, 12 Possibility of Abundance

So the people argued until altercation broke out. Bloodshed was imminent and daggers were about to be pulled out. All for the honor of which tribe gets to put the Black Stone in its proper place. That is until a chief suggested that first one to enter the sanctuary of Ka’aba will decide on the case. And when he entered, they shouted in excitement, “Al-Ameen!” They were all content to abide by his decision. Rasoolullah called for a canvas that a representative of each tribe was to carry and they all received the honor of carrying the Black Stone to its proper destination.

It is absolutely possible to create a state of abundance where you set out to give charity but you’re unable to find anyone who would even receive it. What is required is generosity that builds a human infrastructure – without any commoditization or pessimistic mentality of poverty and stinginess.

Imagine to the surprise of Jabir (radhiAllahanhu) when he invited Rasoolullah and a few who were accompanying him and Rasoolullah invited a thousand companions to eat at his house. He had only cooked some sheep and some barley, yet each companion ate to their fullest while the food remained untouched.

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  1. As-salaamu ‘alikum,

    Excellent article. Kind of a continuation of “Economy of the Poverty.” The two are related with the thread of a free-market win-lose enconomical system.

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