Generosity strengthens humanity

Jun 24, 12 Generosity strengthens humanity

Generosity inspires you to create unique mediums that connects people, honors them, interacts with them, and aspires them to act on greater objectives.

Just like Rasoolullah honored all the tribes by allowing them to connect to the Black Stone through the medium of a canvas, generosity allows the interface to be fluid enough for others to connect to.

A truly generous person would view his days as an opportunity for art – testing out creative solutions to complex problems.

Changing the world isn’t instant. It is an incremental process. When a community or individual is entrenched in a harmful habit usually a careful and sometimes even surgical treatment is required for the situation. This takes a strategy of an incremental process – breaking the bigger objective with smaller goals. How must have Umar Al-Farooq or Muadh Ibn Jabal felt when they came to Rasoolullah in concern of the social vices of drinking and gambling and people’s infatuation with them? These vices weren’t made unlawful in an instant. A pragmatic approach was necessary for complex situations and the grounds were slowly prepared for the day when alcohol would flood the streets.

Generosity strengthens the ties of humanity (or the community) and reinforces brotherhood (and unity). As generosity cultivates a giver, it should cultivate the receiver as well, building his trust in his community, promoting mutual love, and preserving his honor and dignity.

The fastest way to nullify generosity is to add selfishness to it, follow up generosity with reminders of it and show off. Generosity is not so that you gain recognition or status, it’s not so you gain influence or praise, it shouldn’t be for achieving personal objectives or satisfying ego. In the process of generosity, humanity cannot be lost.

In an economy of poverty a usurious system is employed to put a person in debt. This is quite different than a generous economy where if you want to benefit you must do so through business and trade by building equity. Now, instead of just using someone to benefit financially, you have opted for sharing in the success with them.

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