Generosity of Art

Jun 18, 12 Generosity of Art

Art is an interaction that changes the beneficiary. The canvas for an artist is inconsequential. It didn’t matter what medium was offered to Rasoolullah to solve the conflict. What mattered was there was an opportunity to apply creativity and aptitude in finding a solution that others did not see, to build connections that others did not fancy, and to make things happen in a way that others could not perceive.

Art is emotional labor that breaks boundaries of the status quo while connecting on a human level. The effectiveness lies in people shifting, difference making, problem solving and the world changing. In order for that to happen, an artist must not only use his creativity to see opportunities that others do not, but also interact in a way that inspires and motivates people to a higher aspiration.

Whine about the labor required for art and the art itself is lost. When innovation and creativity is inhibited, ideas fail to evolve, situations fail to improve, and tomorrow fails to get better. You can’t be an artist while feeling victimized. Art is about taking responsibility to change the way things are, including helping the people to see in a different light.

Art is passion – passion that brings an unwavering persistence. Resilience is absolutely necessary to develop the art until it becomes relevant and effective. Obsession is necessary in finding new mediums and canvases to spreading it. Passion is a must. No one connects with the bland; no one is changed by mediocrity.

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