Generosity is rare

Jun 22, 12 Generosity is rare

Only a few people tread the path of generosity.

Generosity is going above and beyond what is demanded of you. Like how Barraa Ibn Malik asked the army to throw him over a wall into a garden to fight an entire army by himself just to open the gates for the Muslims. Most people will stick to manuals, books, and “expert” advice; however, generosity means to deal with complex situations without a manual. Generous individuals figure out a way to make things happen and help paralyzed communities to navigate through their complexities.

Generous individuals use their creativity to figure out how to be generous and then they deliver.

Their creativity is focused at the task at hand, insightful enough to be original and unexpected, and most importantly their bravery does not allow creativity to be constricted in just the mind or imagination, but it is delivered.

Generosity requires super powers of profound knowledge in the relevant areas and exceptional aptitude.

In order to attain these super powers one must climb steep slopes. Slope of attaining profound knowledge and exceptional aptitude is going to be steep and riddled with challenges. It is surviving these slopes and reaching the top that will allow one to be truly generous [because now you have something to be generous with]. Stinginess would cause you lose sight of this self development, and hopelessly struggle to give only under the guise of generosity.

If you are thinking about opting for a slope with a minimal or no incline, then what greatness will you have to give in return to your community? Everyone does the easy, what will set you apart are the challenges that a few will survive and even fewer will even dare to attempt.

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  1. MashaAllah I feel like my brain is exploding trying to understand all this. It’s very, very deep information that takes a while to understand and implement.

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