Losing Your Self in Generosity

Jun 20, 12 Losing Your Self in Generosity

Generosity is not a sacrifice that you lose yourself in the process.

Like the man who came to Rasoolullah offering an egg size lump of gold in charity and Rasoolullah turned away from it because the man said, it was all he had. So the man came to Rasoolullah from the right, and then the left and then the back, until Rasoolullah took the lump of gold and threw it at him.

“A person would come with all he possesses and say he wants to give it away in charity and then he goes to beg from others. The best charity is that when one’s own needs have been fulfilled.” [Recorded in Abu Dawud]

Can a process that makes you poor be justified as generosity? A person gives all he has to his workplace, only to receive nothing in return. That discourages him so much so that he gives up on his generosity. In that stinginess he values his invaluable hours by the rate of his pay and sells his hours for a paltry price. If you are running out of energy, burning out, not finding time to develop yourself, you must question whether it is generosity or just a figment.

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