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Apr 28, 12 Increase Your Performance

… and Performance of Your Team

1. Dig a khandaq (battle of Ahzaab): Experiment with new ideas and don’t accept the status quo.

2. Take an army of 3,000 to face 200,000 (battle of Mu’ta): Set “impossible” challenge and break through them.

3. Failure in reality is an opportunity (battle of Uhud): Occasionally failing is not a bad thing, they are learning opportunities; so don’t be afraid of pushing boundaries.

4. Push boundaries even after failure (second day of Uhud): As injured and hurt as they were, the prophet (peace be upon him) gathered all the participants of Uhud and no one else to chase away the Mushrikeen of Mecca.

5. Take 1500 of your closest companions without any weapons to do umrah in a city that hates you and wants to kill you: Take calculated risks and make that process an integral part of your business/organization. Failure would be part of the innovative process.

(Rasoolullah went for umrah with 1500 of his companions with nothing but sheathed travelers sword; attack from the mushrikeen was quite imminent. But because of the risk, there was truce in which the kuffar actually recognized the Muslims as a separate entity of a nation.)

6. Overcome your imaginary obstacles to achieve your true potential: You can fool others by making excuses, but not yourself. Stop making excuses; change your perception towards barriers. Talk to a friend or a coach to get a new perspective.

Mahan: “We know that it is hardship and hunger that have brought you out of your lands. We will give every one of your men ten dinars, clothing and food if you return to your lands, and next year we will send you a similar amount.”

Khalid b. Waleed: “Actually, what brought us out of our lands is that we are a people who drink blood, and it has reached us that there is no blood tastier than Roman blood.”

7. Kuffar saw it as a victory for Meccans, the sahabah saw it as a loss for the Muslims, how did the the Rasoolullah look at the treaty of Hudaybiyah? We tend to look at things through the lenses that we wear. The lens that you see through may not give you the entire picture; break-through your business conventions and see the problem, issue, task through a new lens.

8. Athletes do it; Abdullah b. Rawahah did it; improve the talk inside your head that you do to yourself.

9. Stop being selfish: stop trying to convince others of your point of view; understand their mindset and help them overcome barriers. Often, when the mala (leaders such as Waleed b. Mugheerah) would come to argue with Rasoolullah, Rasoolullah would listen to them. When they had completed what they had to say, Rasoolullah would respond.

10. Be ruthless in your priorities: do a few things exceptionally well. Follow the Paretto principle of 20/80. Help people do what they are good at. Make Amr b. Al-Aas into an ambassador; make Khalid into a general; get Zaid to do some scholarly work, like lead the scholars to compile the Quran. Focus on what you are good at.

Discard the old processes that don’t work and develop radical new one.

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  1. MashaAllah tabarakallah, some excellent lessons extracted from the seerah — I feel like I’m back in The Victorious One class :)

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