Operate like a turn around all the time

Jan 14, 12 Operate like a turn around all the time

Get clarity on your goal and start focusing on a single line between where you are right now and what your goal is. Make the decision; and decision by definition is focusing and cutting yourself off from any other alternative (like those distractions/doors on the walls surrounding the path).

People who live in poverty are acutely aware of their limit, and they are force to make the most of what they have; their necessities have a powerful effect on their creativity. Living in a society of abundance, we lose perspective on our limits. Our comfort zone causes us to imagine endless time at our disposal; and we fail to realize that its slowly drifting away. Abundance makes us rich in dreams but poor in reality.

Companies operate as turn around when they are going broke; they have to figure out what they have to do right now, and figure out fast, and do it fast. Operating as a turn-around business is to run the business efficiently no matter how big the business gets by focusing on the core of the business.

Death ground strategy: Sense of urgency only comes from a powerful connection to the present, not the future. Address the issue at hand, add such pressure to it that if you fail, you perish. This forces you to focus, not work half heartedly. Force the issue. You will also have to make the most your resources when pressure is applied. Commit yourself to the point of no return. Your creativity will come to your rescue under that pressure.

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