Block of Concentration

Jan 12, 12 Block of Concentration

Principle of concentration: you need to put sustained concentrated energy at the task at hand. Multi-tasking is not a good thing; it’s bad. Often, at work place and job descriptions multi-tasking is praised. But consider the air traffic controller. His job is extremely important, to bring the aircrafts down to land safely. Does he multi-task or does he focus on one plane at a time?

Dynamite it with a Laser Beam: Leaders are nothing but concentrated and focused. Our own greatest hero was focused on a single task. And how do you stop a man like that? They offered him wealth, he refused; they offered him status, he refused; they offered him women, he refused; they offered him dominion, and he refused. No type of boycott, sanctions, torture – physical or otherwise, could stop him. Even if you were to go back and put sun on one of his hands and the moon on the other, he would not have stopped. He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was absolutely focused on making sure deen of Allah comes to us. So how do you stop him? You don’t, there is absolutely no way to stop him. You either join him and win, or stand up against him and lose.

It’s not only about concentration, but also discrimination. It’s not just about concentrating on the achieving a single goal, also discriminating on specific things that you need to complete in order to achieve that goal. If concentration is how to focus, discrimination is where to focus. What are the most important things you need to do? Imagine what would have happened to the khilafa, if Umar (radhiAllahuanha) decided to be a general fighting the Persians instead of being the Ameer ul-Momineen. He was desiring the death of a martyr, and he achieved it by permission of Allah even though he was in Medina; but he knew what was important, and he knew where to focus.

Your focus must be mobile. The power of focus is described like power of cutting through an object with light – laser. This description is incomplete. The laser has to be moving towards something in order to achieve the “cutting”, otherwise, all you would manage to do is create a pinhole. So concentration is a laser beam moving in a single straight line towards your target (or goal, your destination). This is one of the great lessons that you can take from your deen and apply it towards every aspect of your life. You stand up in salaah, and ask for this minimum of 17 times a day. Siraat al-Mustaqeem!

Ibn Qayim (raheemullah) mentioned five things in order for the path to meet the condition of “Siraat”: (1) It is Straight. (2) It gets you to your destination. (3) It is the easiest and fastest way to reach the goal. (4) It is wide enough for people to utilize it. (5)And finally, it is specific for the goal.

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